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The Stealth Deck Fastener

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Gives a smooth, no-nail, flawless finish to your decking.
Designed to last.
  • Stylish
    • Smooth, no-nail finish
    • Works with most natural timbers
    • Less puddles, stains and slime buildup
  • Safer
    • No popped nail injuries
    • Safer to play on
    • Safe top down installation
  • Stronger
    • Fixings in shear
    • No plank cuppings
    • Hot-dipped galvanized for added life
    • Holds timber tight and resists movements
  • Saves Money
    • External deck life
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Less upkeep
    • Easy to refurbish
    • Less maintenance
  • Sustainable
    • Works with wood composites
    • Lower environmental impact
    • Suits deck plank re-use and recycling

Stealth® is better.

Stealth® deck fasteners deliver a flawless, no-nail, finish with superior strength, durability and safety that is easy to install.

The secret to Deck One's success is that Stealth® sits on top of the joist and attaches with one horizontal nail into the joist.

Stealth® spikes penetrate the sides of the deck boards for a stronger hold.

Stealth® precisely spaces the plank and elevates it off the joist to promote ventilation and prevent rotting, all in the same time as traditional nailing.

Stands the test of time.

Nails and screws hasten the demise of any deck, by promoting rotting in the joists. While other deck fasteners may look good they aren't strong enough to stand the test of time. Others are strong enough but are too costly and need below deck installation.

Stealth® was developed in conjunction with lumber industry experts and installers, specifically to prevent rotting , extend deck life and be easy to install.

Stealth® stops the rot.

Stealth® stops the rot. There are no top holes in the plank or joist where water can collect. All fixings are in shear, in the side of the plank and the side of the joist, thereby eliminating any place where rotting can start.

Stealth® is quick and easy to install.

Stealth®is as quick as nails to install, with all tooling and nails provided. Stealth® is installed from the top of the deck, and its built-in spacer saves extra time. In addition it does not require pre drilling or toe-nailing. Simply hammer Stealth® in with the tool provided and nail off on to the side of the joist. Repeat this process while alternating the side of the joist.

An installation guide and usage chart is included in every pack and no special tooling is required. With its built in plank spacer, Stealth® reduces the need for string lines and gives a professional finish every time.

Stealth® holds lumber tight.

Stealth® holds lumber tight. Stealth® recognises that lumber is a dynamic building material that sometimes appears to have a mind of its own. Stealth® spikes are extra long to hold lumber tight as it shrinks and moves up and down.

Stealth maintains its strength over its entire life (804 Lbf/sq ft)* while normal fasteners deteriorate over time and loosen.

*Tested to failure with softwood pine (Pinus Radiata), assuming 2 DeckOne fasteners/sq ft.

Stealth® is ideal for most decking.

Stealth® deck fasteners are ideal for use with decking from 3/4" to 2" (19mm to 50mm) thick, and for softwoods, hardwoods and wood composites. The Stealth® plank spacer becomes optional when installing softwoods. Although 3/16" (5mm) space is suggested, it can be reduced by over driving the planks closer. This makes Stealth® ideal for wet/green products such as pine, that will shrink after being installed.

You choose the decking....Stealth® will give you a beautiful and lasting deck.

Compliments wood composites.

Stealth® fasteners are ideal for use with the many wood composite or alternative decking materials that are now available. Stealth's unique design gives unequalled preservative qualities to your deck, and further compliments the benefits of alternative decking materials.

Wood composites offer superior rot resistance as deck planks, however, they are not generally suited for use as the deck's substructure. If wood composite planks are fixed to the joist in the usual way with screws or nails, rotting will still occur where the fixings pierce the top of the joist.

If you choose wood alternative decking to extend the life of your deck... choose Stealth®

Long lasting protection

Stealth® deck fasteners are hot-dipped galvanized after manufacture (no cut edges) to make it last three times longer than other pre-galvanized products.

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